Geofactory propose a large range of geological consumables and methodologies for the Oil and Gas industry to ensure end users safely handle their geological samples.


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Packaging & Transportation

Packaging & Transportation

Packaging and shipping the core samples to their final destination is an essential stage, and at Geofactory we aim to provide a wide range of solutions to protect the integrity of the core.
See below our selection adapted to your needs.


  • Core Transportation • Geobox Core container

    The Geobox core container is made of rigid and durable polyethylene material manufactured from a single mould. When closed, it is fully waterproof and it is equipped with two lockout systems. The Geobox core container is provided with special shock absorbent pre-shaped foam layers This packaging method guarantees the safe transportation by road, air or sea of your geological samples to its final destination.

  • Core Transportation • Geobox Preservation

    The GeoBox Preservation range is manufactured to suit your specific requirements in terms of the secure transportation and storage of your wax-preserved core section samples or plugs. Made of birchwood and finished with a waterproof stain / aluminium, the boxes are cushioned with foam and provide easy and safe packaging.

  • Core Transportation • Geobox Cooler

    Initially produced for military and medical requirements, this box will respond to your needs in terms of the transportation of a sample of rock in cold conditions. Manufactured with different polymers and filled with eutectic plates, the Geobox Cooler guarantees a chilled or frozen transportation (different temperatures are available). It can maintain the low temperature up to 7 days autonomously (depending on climate environment). The model designed for the shipment of the plugs is equipped with a foam support that can take 81 jars.

  • Core Transportation • GeoBox CO2

    The Geobox CO2 is made in polyethylene with foam filled cavities for excellent isolation values. It can store around 9 meter of core in horizontal position and fully cover of pellet dry ice. Perfect solution for onsite freezing operation the Geobox CO2 can be equipped by digital temperature/shock monitor if required.

  • Core Transportation • Geobox Chilling

    Perfect and cheaper solution for chilling transportation. The GeoBox Chilling is composed of elements 200 mm high, 60 mm thick, perfectly stackable with a robust steel clip. Inside of it, the core samples are blocked with foam support designed on your core diameter and different types of chilling plate are positioned on the inner tube to guarantee a chilling effect without freezing the rock sample. Easy to handle, the box is in EURO pallet size.

  • Core Transportation • Portable Freezer

    The Geofreezer is a self-sufficient refrigerated container designed for the transportation of chilled and frozen rock samples. The internal structure is calculated according to your needs and the function of the type of material you plan to transport (Piece of core, canister,…) to avoid any damages. The Geofreezer can be transported using convectional vehicles and guarantee a cold setup up to 80h (depends of environment). Delocalization, data recorder and special anti dust system can be additionally installed.

  • Core Storage • Single Boxes

    Geofactory supplies a range of single Geobox adapted for medium or long-term storage. Made of treated wood or fluted plastic, these solutions will guarantee a perfect protection of your geological sample.

  • Core Transportation • Geobox - Aircraft Transport

    The Geobox Lightweight is a solution developed in accordance with a maximum weight imposed by some configurations of aircraft. The box can hold up to 4 meters of core samples stabilized with special foam inserts without exceeding 150 Kg once filled.