Geofactory propose a large range of geological consumables and methodologies for the Oil and Gas industry to ensure end users safely handle their geological samples.


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Geofactory employs years of onsite core handling expertise to assist you in advanced onsite projects. This includes core freezing, core transportation and rock sampling adapted to the nature and site of your geological sample. Geofactory offers more than just consumables related to core-handling services. Our expertise and advice helps the oil operator to be satisfied with his investment.

Also, to strengthen its network, Geofactory has built up solid technical and commercial relationships with various partners with the aim of covering the different sectors of the coring industry. Laboratory equipment, rock mechanics or gas shale desorption are some examples of the demand to which we can respond with reactivity and a guarantee of high quality.

  • Tender Requirement & Core Acquisition Assistance

    At Geofactory, we offer a wide range of core consultancy services to assist our clients in identifying, achieving and maintaining the highest level of quality for all their coring operations.
    This includes:

    Before coring work is awarded: the preparation of a tender document highlighting the need to conduct proper coring and surface-handling operation according to a pre-defined training evaluation program. Budgetary figures can also be provided.

    Before coring operations start (after tender): the design of a full and comprehensive core acquisition program detailing all procedures and defining the role and responsibilities of the entire coring crew. These services can be limited to the design of such a document to assistance at the well site by sending a coring supervisor to lead the entire operation in line with client standards.

    On a general basis: coring training presenting a historical record and introducing all available technology on the market in a non-commercial way.


  • Special Project Onsite

    At Geofactory, we are able to use years of well-site core-handling expertise to assist you in advanced onsite projects. This includes core freezing, core chilling, mud tracer, unconsolidated core plugging and onsite core processing.
    We will assist you in:

    • Planning equipment requirements.

    • Determining the quantity of consumables needed, the Tracer volume required for the mud doping, the amount of dry ice needed based on the location and the final destination to which the core is to be shipped.

    • Providing expert technicians to help you run the service and to train your staff.

    • Drafting a full report on your behalf on completion of the operation.