Geofactory propose a large range of geological consumables and methodologies for the Oil and Gas industry to ensure end users safely handle their geological samples.


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Wellsite processing

Wellsite processing

After the core barrel reaches the surface, the inner tube is laid down to the core processing area for further core handling processing. The importance of distinctive and clear marking is essential to prevent any mismatching, an error which would lead to complications as well as time wasted in the laboratory. A well-designed preparation of the sampling process can be improved through good communication between the coring team and the well-site geologist. Select the products to match your needs and maximize your sample preparation.


  • Core handling support

    Geofactory has designed a range of core supports to optimize handling and processing in an onsite environment. Perfectly adapted to preserve all core diameters with foam or epoxy, these tools are extremely robust and removable for easy shipment. Associated with an adapted tool box and a kit for marking all these items will ensure a perfect setup for your core handling operation.

  • Core preparation

    Geofactory provides the tools and consumables to prepare the full-length core sample before packaging. Kit for marking, core encapsulation and all the necessary for cutting the core in 3ft/1 m section are available.