Geofactory propose a large range of geological consumables and methodologies for the Oil and Gas industry to ensure end users safely handle their geological samples.


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Core Solutions

At Geofactory, we offer a broad range of products to cover your wellsite/lab services in all type of formation from a single purchase to a complete solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Wellsite processing

    After the core barrel reaches the surface, the inner tube is laid down to the core processing area for further core handling processing. The importance of distinctive and clear marking is essential to prevent any mismatching, an error which would lead to complications as well as time wasted in the laboratory. A well-designed preparation of the sampling process can be improved through good communication between the coring team and the well-site geologist. Select the products to match your needs and maximize your sample preparation.


  • Stabilization & Preservation

    Good stabilization of the core will guarantee full data preservation when the core arrives at  the laboratory. Various products and techniques are used in the industry. See our selection below.


  • Sawing & Plugging

    The operations of sampling whether core cutting or plugging require a special consideration of the diamond tools that be directed by the nature of geological formation. It is this approach on which Geofactory focuses its effort in developing instruments & consumables that are able offer the best support to our clients & partners.


  • Profiling & Imaging

    Photography at the well site of the whole core, slab sections, end faces, plugs and thin section has increased the trend in and the quality of the way data can be exploited. At Geofactory we recognise the importance of such services in providing innovative solutions to maximise the resolution of captured images of rock samples of all kinds.
    The next step is to relay this information back to your client using a technology management system so that wherever your client is located in the world, access to information captured at the well site can be viewed and consulted for decision-making.


  • Packaging & Transportation

    Packaging and shipping the core samples to their final destination is an essential stage, and at Geofactory we aim to provide a wide range of solutions to protect the integrity of the core.
    See below our selection adapted to your needs.