Geofactory propose a large range of geological consumables and methodologies for the Oil and Gas industry to ensure end users safely handle their geological samples.


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Stabilization & Preservation

Stabilization & Preservation

Good stabilization of the core will guarantee full data preservation when the core arrives at  the laboratory. Various products and techniques are used in the industry. See our selection below.


  • Core Stabilization • Original Foam

    The foam (FP-180) is needed to stabilize the core sample during the core processing operation. The technician can stabilize around 30 meters / 95 feet of core per set of foam on average (Depending on annulus size & the technician’s experience in controlling foam expansion and its progress inside the tube). Note that ventilation is required and special PPE must be worn.

  • Core Stabilization • Geoshim Strips

    The GeoShim is inserted into the annulus to fix the piece of rock and fractures. Easy to handle and easy to remove in the laboratory, different sizes and material (PTFE / PVC) are available in order to guarantee perfect stabilization effect.

  • Core Preservation • Paraffin Wax

    The Geobath wax melter series has been designed for melting waxes used during core preservation operations. It can heat waxes at a range of temperatures from 50ºC to 200°C (122ºF to 392°F) in order to suit all ranges of waxes available in the coring industry. They are also equipped with an adjustable thermostat and a thermal cutout in order to match the temperature to the melting point of the wax used. Its robust steel manufacture makes this product the perfect device for safe and intensive use at the well-site or under laboratory conditions.

  • Core Preservation • Geobag Protector

    The ideal solution to protect your geological samples from external chemical elements. Vacuumed, heat-sealed or taped, it is easy to handle and can be used for well-site, laboratory or storage purposes. The Geobag Protector is considered to be a reliable preservation technique but needs the right accessories to maximise its utilization.

  • Core Preservation • Fluid Pipe

    The Fluid Pipe is an appropriate solution to transport immersed rock sample in a fluid. This technique of preservation will guarantee the conservation of the structure of the core and protect it against external elements. The use of the trolley for the handling and special basket are recommended.