Geofactory propose a large range of geological consumables and methodologies for the Oil and Gas industry to ensure end users safely handle their geological samples.


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Incorporated in 2014, Geofactory manufactures tools and supplies consumables for the preparation of Oil & Gas cores samples. We offer a wide range of articles and methodologies in order to ensure that end-users safely handle their geological samples after a coring operation at the wellsite.

The field of expertise of Geofactory is to offer a variety of suitable solutions applicable from wellsite drilling to the core laboratory environment covering all the different steps: core stabilization, preservation, handling, transport, hot shot analysis and storage products.

Mindful of the latest challenges faced by the Oil & Gas industry, and with a solid network of associates (suppliers, consultants, logistics people…) Geofactory’s reactivity will guarantee adapted solutions that will meet your demands world-wide.

Keep in mind that a high percentage of core recovered does not necessarily represent the full 100% of material that may be used for analysis!

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