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Transportation basket

Transportation basket

Transportation basket

The Special Pallet for Fluid Pipe Transportation is one of the best solution to transport your Fluid Pipes. Made of steel, it has a capacity up to 15 Fluid Pipes (depending on the core diameter) with security slings to ensure the transportation.

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Material type
Fluid Pipe capacity (optional configuration) 1)15 units for 4” core diameter
2)13 units for 4” core diameter (5 units ) & 5.25” core diameter (8 units)
3)14 units for 4” core diameter (10 units) & 5.25” core diameter (4 units)
Dimensions 1350x1050x1060 mm ; 4.5x3.5x3.53 ft
Weight 125 Kg
Capacity Up to 15 m
Packaging 1350x1050x1060 mm ; 4.5x3.5x3.53 ft







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