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Geobox cooler for plug

Geobox cooler for plug

Geobox cooler for plug

Initially produced for military and medical requirements, this box will respond to your needs in terms of the transportation of a sample of rock in cold conditions. Manufactured with different polymers and filled with eutectic plates, the Geobox Cooler guarantees a chilled or frozen transportation (different temperatures are available). It can maintain the low temperature up to 7 days autonomously (depending on climate environment). The model designed for the shipment of the plugs is equipped with a foam support that can take 81 jars.


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External Dimensions
(Standard model)
851x462x455 mm / 33.5x18.2x17.9 in (smaller size available)
Internal Dimensions
(Standard model)
686x297x335 mm / 27.0x11.7x13.2 in (smaller size available)
Packaging 860x480x470 mm / 33.85x18.90x18.50 in
Volume (Standard model) 65 L
Weight 31.5 Kg
Plug 1”
Plug 1.5”
108 Plugs
81 Plugs
Sterile jar 52x102 mm
Eutectic plate 2x units, temperature available from 0°C to -30°C
Material Polyethylene

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