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Trimming saw

Trimming saw

Trimming saw

The Portable Trimming Unit is a tool necessary when a plugging operation is required after a coring operation. The quality of the blade enables an excellent precision of the cut at the extremity of the samples. It has all of the protections to guarantee safe handling and a recirculating coolant system is available if needed.  In addition, Geofactory can provide viton tubing to protect the plugs of soft formation.

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Diamond blade diameter 250 mm/ 9.84 in
Diamond blade thickness 1.6 mm/ 0.063 in
Diamond blade shaft speed 3420 rpm
Core diameter Up to 2’’
Consumables & accessories for 1500 plugs 1xDiamond blade
Power supply 230 V / 1 phase / 50 Hz
Motor power 1.1 kW, 22000 rpm
Weight 65 Kg
Dimensions 900x600x500 mm / 3x2x1.6 ft
Table Support Height 670 mm/26 ⅜”
Plug samples support diameter Up to 1.5 ”
Plug samples support lenght Up to 5¼ ”
Plug samples support capacity Up to 7 plug samples
Material Steel, Stainless steel

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