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Quick Studio 360º

Quick Studio 360º

Quick Studio 360º

The Quick Studio 360° is a device designed to describe full drill core sample and determine the presence of hydrocarbons. The viewing cabinet is equipped with a rotative mechanical core support controlled by a joystick that allows the operator to examine the full circumference of the core sample, whether on WH & UV (longwave) light exposure. Using a separate support, it is also possible to work on a slabbed section or a very fractured core and always with the guarantee of good illumination thanks to the anti-shade system.

The Quick Studio 360° is suitable for wellsite operations and can also be considered as a substitute for a core viewing room in a laboratory/storage facility.

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Big Fluoroscope material
Phenolic resin plywood reinforced with alumium profile
Black Box dimensions & weight
147 kg
Rotative core support (360)
2x Stainless steel rolls covered with rubber
Motor semi-automatic (Joystick control)
Tray to pull out the rotative core support and ease the core manipulation
Core support Two retread stainless steel rollers, coordinated with a belt (to ensure an accuracy rotation of the core) and motorized.
The Core support can be pull out from de Core Studio, by mean of a tray, to ease the manipulation of the core.
A device installed to secure a fractured core, during the acquisition procedure, avoiding relative movements between the different core pieces
2xFluorescent lamp -36W 6500K (WL-Day light)
2xFluorescent lamp -36W 5000K (BL-Black light)
1xFluorescent lamp -8W (WL-Day light)
1xFluorescent lamp -8W (BL-Black light)
Shortwave illumination available on request
Power supply
220 V, 50/60 Hz
Visual device
Slide PVC reinforced bellows (with UV filter google) / ANSI Z87.1
Spare parts
1xFluorescent lamp -36W 6500K (WL-Day light)
1xFluorescent lamp -36W 5000K (BL-Black light)
1xFluorescent lamp -8W (WL-Day light)
1xFluorescent lamp -8W (BL-Black light)

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