Geofactory propose a large range of geological consumables and methodologies for the Oil and Gas industry to ensure end users safely handle their geological samples.


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Accessories for Waxing

Accessories for Waxing

Accessories for Waxing

Designed on your needs, the kit for waxing is composed of the consumables and items recommended for a perfect sealing of the rock sample.


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Drying support 1240x786x987 mm  / 48.8x30.9x38.8" (Metallic)
PVC tarpaulin 3000x2000 mm / 118.1x78.7"
Clim film Roll of 50 m (300 mm)
Aluminium foil Roll of 50 m (300 mm) - Thickness: 30 µm
Jubilee Clip Pack of 20 unit - 5.25" Size 7 Mild steel - 135mm - 165mm
Thermometer Scale from 0 - 220 ° F / 150 °C
Protect gloves Pair of standard chemical gloves
Mask Pack of respiratory protection masks
Sticker for Marking Roll of Top/Bottom stickers and Roll of stickers for general information 
Industrial rags 100 % cotton - bag of 5 Kg

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