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GeoSeal Wax

GeoSeal Wax

GeoSeal Wax

The Geoseal is a sealing material to guarantee a preservation of fluids saturation and preventing selected sample from drying over a long period prior to any analysis at the laboratory. The standard procedure consist of wrapping the geological sample with several layers and non-reactive plastic film and thick aluminum foil prior to dipping (API procedure).

The strongest point of the GeoSeal is that it needs only moderately elevated temperature when using and cool down quickly between each dip. A Correct handling an temperature control of the material will guarantee the efficient encapsulation of the rock sample.

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Appearence Solid 
Odour Slight
Dimensions 310x255x180 mm
12.20x10.03x7.08 in
Melting point 75°C
Viscosity at 100°C 14.5 cSt
Solubility in water (% by weight) Insoluble
Material Paraffin
Packaging Box of 10 Kg of wax (4 blocks of 2.5 Kg
Weight 10 Kg

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