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GeoBox Chilling

GeoBox Chilling

GeoBox Chilling

Perfect and cheaper solution for chilling application. The box is flexible and can be built for 5 metres till 15 meters of core. The GeoBox Chilling is composed of elements 200 mm high, 60 mm thick, perfectly stackable with clip robust steel. Inside of it, the core are blocked with foam support designed on your core diameter and 3 type of chilling plate are positioned on the inner tube to guarantee a chilling effect without freezing the rock sample. Easy to handle the box is in EURO pallet size.


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External Dimension 1200x800x600 mm / 3.9x2.6x2 ft
Internal Dimension 1080x680x582 mm / 42.5x26.7x22.9 in
European pallet 1200x800 mm (fumigated)
Eutectic plate 600x400x30 mm / 23.6x15.7”
Temperature Available from 0 °C to -30 °C
Foam support 30 Kg/m3
Weight 21.5 Kg
Total Weight 68 Kg
Material Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)

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