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Chilling Blanket

Chilling Blanket

Chilling Blanket

The Chilling Blanket is a suitable solution to manage your geological sections in chilling environment  along the transportation from the rig site to the core laboratory. This solution is easily adapted to core samples  from 1m / 3 Ft length section and up to 5½ diameter. The temperature can be selected on your needs in a range from -2 to +4. When used the chilling blanket must be freezed  24 hours before its application.


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Material Type Flexibles plastic pouches with eutectic gel
Range of temperatures Restitution cold from 4 to -29°C; Gel type  cold from 0 to -30°C
Dimensions 380x290x20mm/14.9x11.4x0.7”
Weight 835 gr
Minimum request 1000 units

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