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Pneumatic Plugging Motor

Pneumatic Plugging Motor

Pneumatic Plugging Motor

The pneumatic plugging unit has been designed for processing in hazardous areas and It suits with offshore standard air supply. The machine comes with an  external swivel and the rotation speed can be manually controlled. The mounting base is adapted to our Plugging Table. The pneumatic plugging motor compulsory works with a standard 100psi rig supply.

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Dimensions 230x450x1100 mm/ 9.00x17.71x43.30 in
Engine Block Power 2.6 Kw
Voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Drill Speed RPM : 0/1000
Gas injector connection ½ Female gas injector separated from the engine nose
Air Consumption requirements Minimum 280 L/min
Min. Workforce Minimum 6.4 bar/ 93 psi
Accessories External swivel
Weight 17 Kg

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