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Electric Plugging Table

Electric Plugging Table

Electric Plugging Table

The plugging table is made in stainless steel and removable, its heavy weight guarantee a optimum stabilization and absorb all the vibrations. The basin is resistant at all type of fluid and equipped with Plexiglas plate to minimize the splash. Also an stainless steel  table is fixed to use as a working desk. The Plugging Table is equipped by different plug for the pump, drill and general power and also with emergency button to stop the plugging unit at any time.

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Material Steel, Galvanized steel, Stainless steel
Measures 1950x880x1270 mm/ 6.4x2.9x4.2 ft
Weight 95Kg
Basin Volume 50L
Power supply 220-230V/50-60Hz
Packaging 88Kg heat treated certified wooden box (2130x960x780 mm/ 7.1x3.2x2.6 ft)

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