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Canister Stainless Steel

Canister Stainless Steel

Canister Stainless Steel

Desorption canister is made of stainless steel chemically inert in desorption measurement conditions. Non-hazardous materials are not restricted for air transportation by governments or IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations. It is equipped with mini ball valves (exhaust and gas sampling) and temperature sensor. Canister is sealed with expanding rubber plug, which fits inside canister size and can be adjusted to core height to reduce headspace inside canister. Canisters are made in 3 sizes for different sizes of core samples


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Material Stainless steel    
Type E Q N
Height 450mm/17.71” 500mm/19.68” 550mm/21.65”
External diameter 98mm/3.85” 100mm/3.93” 90mm/3.54”
Internal diameter 107mm/4.21” 97mm/3.81” 80mm/3.14”
Temperature of application   Up to 150 C°  
Pressure of application   Up to 0.5 bar  
Core length 100 - 300mm/3.93”- 11.81” 100 - 400mm/3.93”- 15.74” 100 - 400mm/3.93”- 15.74
Core diameter 101.6mm/4” 76.2mm/3” 76.2mm/3”

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