Core Drill • Plunge Cutter Hydraulic System


The Plunge Cutter is required to precisely control the penetration of the plunger into the soft and unconsolidated formation. Built with a hydraulic system, Geofactory offers an innovative model that offers the advantage of extracting horizontal and vertical plug samples. The main frame is orientable on a range of 90°and the worktable is equipped with a core support adjustable on axis X,Y that holds core up to 3ft/ 1m and 6 ¾ in diameter. Joined, the auxiliary mobile worktable has enough surfaces to organize the handling operation using a Digital balance, Heat gun and the consumables necessary for a perfect preparation of the sample.

PTFE Roll seal
Plunge Cutter Hydraulic system
Hydraulic Oil
FEP Cutting tool
Digital Balance
1” Viton sleeve
1” plunge cutter
1” Mesh screen fine
1” Mesh screen coarse
1” Heat shrink tubing

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