Digital Photography • Core Studio 360º


The Core Studio 360° is a considerable improvement of the standard Core Studio model. The benefit of this version
consists on a brand new system developed by Geofactory and his partners. This new improvement allows to take a
continuous photo on the full circumference core sample whether on WH & UV light exposure. The Core Studio 360°
is fully automated as the core sample is set on a rotating system especially designed with a surface treatment to
minimize & avoid any mechanical stress on the core sample just in case the sample is relatively fractured or fragile.
The new intuitive software interface allows the operator to monitor & manage efficiently the acquisition of the data.
The operator still keep the full possibility to adapt the core sample angular rotation, as well as the shooting speed.
The software produces a separate photo report on multiple supports.
The Core Studio 360° is designed to be suitable for both laboratory and wellsite operations

Core Studio 360º

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