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Core Studio 360º

The Core Studio 360° is a considerable improvement of the standard Core Studio model. The benefit of this versionconsists on a brand new system developed by Geofactory and his partners. This new improvement allows to take acontinuous photo on the full circumference core sample whether on WH & UV light exposure. The Core Studio 360°is fully automated as the core sample is set on a rotating system especially designed with a surface treatment tominimize & avoid any mechanical stress on the core sample just in case the sample is relatively fractured or fragile.
The new intuitive software interface allows the operator to monitor & manage efficiently the acquisition of the data.
The operator still keep the full possibility to adapt the core sample angular rotation, as well as the shooting speed.The software produces a separate photo report on multiple supports.

The Core Studio 360° is designed to be suitable for both laboratory and wellsite operations.


Phenolic resin plywood reinforced with stamped sheet steel on the edges and corners

Dimensions & weight

1750x750x1240 mm / 68.90×29.53×48.82 ”; 260 Kg / 577.78 lb

External connections

USB for camera

Uninterruptible Power Supply

1x PH 9420 – 2000VA/1200W;

2x battery – 12V/9AH


4xFluorescent lamp -36W 6500K (WL-Day light)

4xFluorescent lamp -36W 5000K (BL-Black light)

Camera resolution

6016×4016 pixels- 24.3 Megapixels

Objective lens

Focal length-60 mm;

Maximum/minimum aperture-f/2.8; f/32

Photographic UV lens filters

62mm transparent ;62mm orange

Laptop & Characteristics

15.6 Inches;i7 processor;8GB RAM;

1TB HDD Laptop

Extra screen Characteristics:

19.5 inches; Screen resolution : 1600 x 900.


Geofactory Core Studio 360º Software.

USB wire:

3 m long 3.0 USB wire (A/A Male connection)

Power supply

220 V, 50/60 Hz (conversion available from 110V/50Hz up to

220V/60Hz through an optional supply converter)

Spare parts:

4xFluorescent lamp -36W 6500K (WL-Day light);
4xFluorescent lamp -36W 5000K (BL-Black light);

Packaging dimensions & weight

1935x880x1580 mm/ 76.18×34.65×62.20”;
530Kg/1088.88lb (heat treated wooden box).

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