Reference: IMAG-103

Cuttings Studio Multi (WH/UV)

The Cuttings Studio is an imaging device to photograph drill cuttings under White Light and Ultra Violet Light (365nm & 254nm) . Fully automatized, it delivers in less than four minutes an high-resolution results (7μm per pixel) of 10 samples intervals.Developed to localise the hydrocarbon fluorescence and collect minerals information, it is completely controlled by an intuitive software including following features:- Connection to QR code reader that identifies the depth of each cutting bags,- Automated smart PDF reporting with internal hyperlinks to navigate easily through the results,- XRF and laser topography add-ons for geochemistry and cutting size distributions. (Optional).Perfectly suited for both laboratory and wellsite environments.

Black Box material

Phenolic plywood reinforced with stamped sheet steel on the edges and corners

Black Box dimensions & weight (Approx.)


Exterior connections

USB for camera

Cup with lid

Aluminium painted (black)Size: 50*45*10mm (Approx.)


Aluminium painted (black)Size: 900*150*12mm (Approx.)


Support with:4x White Leds 5700K;4x UV Leds 365nm,3x UV Leds 254 nm

Camera resolution

6016×4016 pixels- 24.3 Megapixels (Nikon D750)6000×4000 pixels- 24.2 Megapixels (Cannon 90D)

Objective lens

Focal length-60 mm; Maximum/minimum aperture-f/2.8; f/32

Laptop  Characteristics

15.6 Inches;  i7 processor ;  8GB RAM;  1TB HDD Laptop


Geofactory Core Studio Software (Developed by Epslog)

USB wire & battery

3 m long 2.0 USB wire (A/A Male connection); Lithium battery

Power supply

220 V, 50/60 Hz

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