GeoBox Container

The Geobox core container is made of rigid and durable polyethylene material manufactured from a single mould. When closed, it is fully waterproof and it is equipped with two lockout systems. The Geobox core container is provided with special shock absorbent pre-shaped foam layers This packaging method guarantees the safe transportation by road, air or sea of your geological samples to its final destination.

External Dimension

1200x1000x800 mm / 4×3.3×2.7 ft


670 L

2 ⅝ “ Core Ø -Nº of Foam layers/Capacity

10 layers45 m / 135 ft

3¼” Core Ø -Capacity

30 m / 90 ft

4”Core Ø -Nº of Foam layers/Capacity

8 layers20 m/ 60 ft

5¼”Core Ø -Nº of Foam layers/Capacity

6 layers12 m/ 36 ft

Foam Density

30 Kg / m3

Total Weight

50 Kg


PE-HD, polyethylene foam (closed cell)

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