Reference: PACK-205

GeoBox Preservation for Plug

The Geobox Preservation for Plug is manufactured to suit your specific requirements in terms of the secure transportation and storage of your wax-preserved core samples. Made of birchwood  and finished with a waterproof stain, the boxes provide easy and safe handling. The boxes can fit up to 35 plugs samples.

Interior Material

35 cavities to hold up 35 plugs samples /Shock-absorbing Foam

Foam density

30 Kg/m3

Jar size for 1” plugJar size for 1.5” plug

35×50 mm diameter x 65 mm height (can be modified)

Jar material

PP (polyproplilene)


screw and impermeable


2 butterfly front locks


1 front rubber coated steel handle

External Dimensions

625x465x140mm / 24.6×18.3×5.5 in

Net Weight

8.5 Kg


Birchwood, PN Foam, Aluminium

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