Reference: PREP-102

Marking Kit

Geofactory provides a user-friendly kit to ensure the perfect preparation and marking of the inner tube (Aluminium or Fibreglass). It includes a complete tool box, special industrial rags to wipe off the mud from the tube and permanent markers to ensure straight and clean marking of the tube from top to bottom. Metric and imperial Tape are available. Kit for 100 meters of core.

Designed according to your needs

Tool box

1xhammer claw; 1xMeter tape 10m/32.8ft; 1xAdjustable spanner 37mm; 1xSlotted screwdriver large; 1xPhilips screwdriver large; 1xStripping Knife; 1xRetractable blade Knife; 2xpack of 10 Spare blades; 2x7mm Socket magnetic to fit drill; 2xRatchet 1/4” drive Reversible;2x7mm Walldrive Socket 1/4”; 1xWire brushes 4row steel; 8x7mm metal cutting drill bit; 2x7mm Hole Punch; 1xRoll of Rubbish bags; 1xBolster wit guard; 1xGeological hammer; 1xhack saw; 1xhack saw blades(pack of 10); 1xset of Allen and Hex Keys; 1xset of wrench keys; 1xlevel; 1xmetal lime set; 1xSafety torch; 1xLong nose plier; 1xcombination plier; 1xOver head diagonal cutting.


Red & Black Marker

Pen point of 4-12 mm

Industrial rags

100% cotton – bag of 5 kg

Air drill

Reversible Air Drill 3/8”; Hose for air drill; Airline crowsfeet.

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