Reference: PACK-601

Portable Freezer

The Geofreezer is a self-sufficient refrigerated container designed for the transportation of chilled and frozen rock samples. The internal structure is calculated according to your needs and the function of the type of material you plan to transport (Piece of core, canister,…) to avoid any damages. The Geofreezer can be transported using convectional vehicles and guarantee a cold setup up to 80h (depends of environment). Delocalization, data recorder and special anti dust system can be additionally installed.


Steel, stainless steel, PE & PU foam


1510x1100x810 mm59.45×43.31×31.89 in


265 Kg

Freezer capacity

Max diameter:

200 mm/ 7.87 ”

Max height:

630 mm/ 24.80 ”

Temperature range:

-20 °C to +10 °C (depends of external temp.)

Permitted load:

120 Kg

Gas specification:

R717 & R507

Temperature accuracy:

+/- 1 ºC

Electric power supply options:

220 Vac, 115 Vac & 12 V

Battery capacity:

12V,80 aH

Self-Sustaining refrigeration Unit

Min temp:

Up to -20 ºC during 72 h

Operating time:

Depend of external temp.

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