» Core Cutting • Slabbing Saw 500 (Semi-Automatic) [Available in July 2024]

Core Cutting • Slabbing Saw 500 (Semi-Automatic) [Available in July 2024]

The Slabbing saw 500, meticulously crafted for both wellsite and laboratory applications, introduces a groundbreaking innovation: automated transport of core samples to the diamond blade, complemented by an advanced cooling system utilizing steerable fluid. This safety feature significantly enhances cut precision, particularly crucial during biscuit slice preparation. Notably, the height regulator system allows for precise manual adjustment of the abrasive blade’s position above the inner tube (Aluminium, Fiberglass) with millimetre accuracy. Moreover, the saw offers a dry cutting option, further expanding its versatility. Operators can now effortlessly cut.


Stainless steel and aluminium profiles


3000x1250x1650 mm / 9.84x 4.10x 5.41 ft


538 kg


Power supply:

380-400 VaC / Three-Phases / 50Hz

Motor power:

9 kW / 12 HP 




Maximum cutting depth:

165 mm/ 6.5 in with a 500 mm blade

Maximum cutting length:

1000 mm/ 3.33 ft

Diamond blade diameter:

350 mm / 14 inch

400 mm / 16 inch

450 mm/ 18 inch

500 mm / 20 inch

Fluid system


230 W/ 50Hz / 1200 L/hour (depend on viscosity)

Lubricant system:

3x Nozzles

Tank capacity:

300 L

Slabbing unit power supply requirement:

10,5 kW, 380-400 VaC / Three-phases / 50 Hz

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