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& Special projects


Geofactory offers a wide range of core consultancy services to assist our clients in identifying, achieving and maintaining the highest level of quality for all their geological rock samples. We operate directly at the wellsite/workshop in country and also processing services and tests sessions at our facility.

Onsite service


Offshore: Certified coring engineer and core processing engineer (OPITO,BOSIET)

Core Processing & Logging (Gamma ray)

Outcrops core sampling (Core up to 1 m/3ft- ∅ NQ)

Core plugging (All geological formation)

Core photography (WH/UV)

Core slabbing & Resination

In-house service


Plug Sampling & Hollow cylinder (Fontainebleau sandstone)

Halite sampling(Special fluid)

Microfine cementitious (Compression testing)

Cutting preparation (Sawing)

Contaminated soil (UV ligth detection)

Core slabbing (All diameters)


What exact services does Geofactory offer?

Geofactory specializes in a wide range of geological sampling services for various applications. Our services extend to environmental and geological sampling in our advanced facilities, including direct field observation and core handling of delicate geological formations. We also offer specialized management of exploration cores for the oil industry (offshore/onshore), employing state-of-the-art technologies and proven methods to ensure the quality and reliability of each sample.

At Geofactory, we pride ourselves on our ability to manage a wide spectrum of geological formations. Our approach is tailored to each project, from handling the most sensitive environmental samples to processing robust exploration cores. What truly sets us apart is our commitment to close collaboration with our clients. We build strong relationships, allowing us to understand and, if necessary, integrate their specific procedures and standards into our sampling process. This synergy ensures precision and quality, backed by a team of experts and state-of-the-art equipment, guaranteeing that your samples provide an accurate representation of the geological conditions.

Geofactory’s advanced facilities are designed to accommodate an extensive variety of geological formations. Whether dealing with friable and unconsolidated materials or extremely hard rock, we have a diverse selection of diamond cutting tools and specialized fluids at our disposal. This array of equipment enables us to adeptly tailor our services to the unique characteristics of the geological samples we receive, ensuring precise and careful handling of each formation. Our adaptability in the face of varying geological challenges underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional sampling service to our clients.

Absolutely. Recognizing that each geological project is unique, we collaborate with various institutions and clients to develop customized sampling solutions that meet specific project needs, whether for environmental studies, oil industry exploration, or other geological applications.

To obtain a quote, please contact us directly by phone, email, or via the contact form on our website. We will discuss your specific needs, including the scale of exploration and environmental sampling, and provide you with a detailed estimate.