Reference: STAB-101

Set Of Foam (Injection)

During the core processing operation, the technician can stabilize around 30 meters / 95 feet of core per set of foam on average (depending on annulus size and the technician’s experience in controlling foam expansion and its progress inside the tube). This product offers maximum efficiency when operated at a temperature of 24°C / 75°F. In laboratory conditions, the kit can be used with a recommended period of utilization not exceeding 15 months. Note: ventilation is required, and special PPE must be worn for indoor use of the product.


17 Kg


Polymer & Isomer – Density of 30 Kg/m³


400x250x400 mm; 15.74×9.84×15.74 in


17 Kg

Gun Hose and cleaner

Two connected hoses of 3 m/10 ft; 1 x wrench for hose adjusting


10 Low pressure nozzle

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