Reference: SAMP-207

Oil Pump (Drum)

The complete drum pump kit designed to transfer liquids for drums, tanks, reservoirs and containers, providing safety to the operator and his work environment. it is composed by the pump, hoses, gun/tap and one meter drum pump tube. It is easy, convenient and secure to use.

Oil Pump Motor

Power: 0,74 kW; voltage: 230 VCA/50 Hz; single-phase


4m R1 Ø1/2” delivery hose with adapters

Metallic Suction Kit

3/4” metallic suction Kit, height 1m with York filter built-in and bung adapter (two threads)

The oil dispense gun/valve

Oil hand control gun/valve

Drum Measures

207 L steel drum;  Height: 890 mm; Ø 560 mm; Weight 20 kg; with Hand pump

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