Reference: SAMP-406

Dual-Axis Saw

The Dual-Axis is a type of saw essential in the field of core preparation in the laboratory. In fact, this tool is designed to receive core samples 4” in diameter and 50 cm long and using a rotating support that allows one to cut rock sample from an axis of 0° or 90° (slabbing & trimming). It offers the additional advantage that the core sample is moved to the diamond blade and cooled with a steerable hydraulic setup. We have two models on offer: the 3 HP Model and the 4 HP Model.


Painted steel and Galvanized with aluminium profiles

Dimensions (varies by model):

4HP Model: 1300x930x1485 mm / 51.18× inch


3HP Model = 120 kg 
4HP Model = 139 kg

Power supply:

3HP Model = 220-230 VaC / 50 Hz
4HP Model = 380-400 VaC / 50 Hz

Motor power:

3HP Model One phase
4HP Model Three phases



Maximun cutting depth:

108 mm using a 350 mm blade / 14 inch blade
135 mm using a 400 mm blade / 16 inch blade

Maximun cutting length:

500 mm


0º or 90º

Diamond blade diameter:

350 mm/ 14 inch
400 mm / 16 inch

Fluid system:



Water pump: 1.1 kW / 50 L / min
High viscosity pump: 0,37 kW = 370 W

Tank capacity:

Standard: 50 L

Decanting tank: 300 L

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