Reference: IMAG-101

Portable gamma ray

Geofactory offers a gamma-ray spectrometry for geological core logging. This BGO 2”X 2” crystal detector and lead shielding should be used for focused measurement of cores or for stratigraphic measurements. Using internal constants based on IAEA traceable calibration pads, the Portable Gamma Logger can compute precise rock concentration of K (%), U and Th (ppm). Results are displayed immediately after end of measurements. They will be stored in the instrument and/or sent to appropriate external devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It also uses an advanced method of automatic stabilization on natural background radiation throughout its operation. This unique stabilization method eliminates the need for an additional radioactive check source. Result available in Spectral, Total and API Conversion.


BGO- 51mm X 51mm, 104 cm3, with bi-alkali PMT, Shielded with 25 mm lead


1024 channels, 40 Mhz DSP, Linear energy corrected, Pileup rejector. 200 ns resolution


Loudspeaker, 28 mm diameter and built-in microphone

Sensitivities (for surface measurements i.e 2 π geometry)

Potassium 200 cpm/% K; Uranium 18 cpm/ppm U; Thorium 8 cpm/ppm Th

Dimension / Weight

335 x 120 mm / 13.1×4.7 in (Diameter) / 9 Kg


Steel and lead

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