Reference: SAMP-101

Plunge Cutter Hydraulic system

The Plunge Cutter is required to precisely control the penetration of the plunger into the soft and unconsolidated formation. Built with a hydraulic system, Geofactory offers an innovative model that offers the advantage of extracting horizontal and vertical plug samples. The main frame is orientable on a range of 90°and the worktable is equipped with a core support adjustable on axis X,Y that holds core up to 3ft/ 1m and 6 ¾ in diameter. Joined, the auxiliary mobile worktable has enough surfaces to organize the handling operation using a Digital balance, Heat gun and the consumables necessary for a perfect preparation of the sample.


Stainless steel

Hydraulic system


2000x1600x950 mm6.6×5.3×3.2 ft


97 Kg

Pump pressure:

Max 3500 psi/ 250 bar

Double-acting Cylinder pressure:

Max 3500 psi/ 250 bar


Dual scale reading for pressure (bar) and force (kN)

Bench/ Frame

Cutter internal diameter:

1” & 1.5”

Cutter length:

Up to 5¼ ”

Core support:

Adjustable on X,Y axis

Auxiliary worktable:

Multiple fixation points


230 V/ 50 Hz

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