» Trolley & Drying Support Geobath
STAB-221, 222, 223

Trolley & Drying Support Geobath

The Geobath product line can be provided with specially designed accessories to assist the safety handling of the whole core sections (up to 1 m/3 Ft) during the preservation process. The Geobath can be easily moved with help of the wheeled trolley base.

The weight of the core samples are supported  by the shaft with rod during its dipping into the hot wax. After that, the already covered samples are put on the frame to finish its drying. This procedure allows the work in chain, to reduce the time and expense. All the parts of the accessories are made from stainless steel to guarantee the optimal durability adapted to all type of environments, from laboratories to the offshore operations.

Robust & mobile.

Trolley dimension & weight

862x474x410 mm; 33 Kg
1472x474x410 mm; 36 Kg

Shaft dimension & weight

262x30x916 mm; 6Kg

Rod dimension

1100 mm; Ø 2,5 mm
1700 mm; Ø 2,5 mm

Dryer support dimension & weight

695x660x460 mm; 13Kg
1400x660x460 mm; 18 Kg

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