STAB-701, STAB-711

Fluid Pipe (All Diameters)

The soil pipe is an appropriate solution to immerse rock sample in fluid. Some SCAL program require this type of preservation and the pipe is designed to guarantee a safe handling particularly through  the valve that insure a correct degassing. The pipe can be designed for and horizontal or vertical transportation.

Sizes (4”)

1200×190 mm (large x diameter)
47.2×7.48 in
1200×250 mm (large x diameter)
47.2×9.9 in

Wall thickness (4”)

10.7 mm/ 0.42″
14 mm/ 0.55”

ID size (4”)

1100×140 mm (large x diameter)
43.3×5.5 in
1100×193 mm (large x diameter)
43.3×7.6 in

Pipe material

PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)

Handles and clamps



11.5 Kg/ 16.5 Kg

Inner volume (4”)

0.0165 m3/ 16.56 L
0.025 m3/ 25 L

Outside Volume (4”)

0.034m3/ 33.73 L
0.049m3/ 49.44 L

Relief valve max pressure

10 bar/ 145 Psi (with a hand relief pin)

Max operating temp.

60 ºC/140 ºF

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