Reference: STAB-102

Kit Tools For Injection

The “injection accessories” kit contains diverse tools needed for the proper preparation of core stabilization with foam. The high quality tools offered are adapted to the aluminium and fibreglass inner tube, the preparation of end caps and cleaning utensils. All necessary PPE is included. It advised to consider this kit in addition of the “Processing and marking kit “(PREP-102).

Designed according to your needs.

Tool Box

1xDrill bit 7mm (Pack of 10);
1xDrill stop;
1xDisposable apron (box of 100).

Industrial rags

100 % cotton – 1 bags of 10kg


2xApron; 2xSafety Goggles; 2xChemical Gloves; 2xSafety Mask; 2xHard Hat; 2xEar Defender; 1xHelmtet

Air drill

Reversible Air Drill 3/8”, Hose for Air Drill; Airline crowsfeet.

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