Reference: PACK-304

Geobox cooler for core section

Initially produced for military and medical requirements, this box will respond to your needs in terms of the transportation of a sample of rock in cold conditions. Manufactured with different polymers and filled with eutectic plates, the Geobox Cooler guarantees a chilled or frozen transportation (different temperatures are available). It can maintain the low temperature up to 7 days autonomously (depending on climate environment). The model designed for the shipment of the plugs is equipped with a foam support that can take 81 jars.

External Dimensions (Standard model)

851x462x455 mm / 33.5×18.2×17.9 in (smaller size available)

Internal Dimensions(Standard model)

686x297x335 mm / 27.0×11.7×13.2 in (smaller size available)


860x480x470 mm / 33.85×18.90×18.50 in

Volume (Standard model)

65 L

Box weight

27 Kg

Capacity Core sample

Up to 3 meters (Depend on core diameter)

Eutectic plate

4x units, temperature available from 0°C to -30°C



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