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Reference: STAB-703

Transportation Basket

The Special Pallet for Fluid Pipe Transportation is one of the best solution to transport your Fluid Pipes. Made of steel, it has a capacity up to 15 Fluid Pipes (depending on the core diameter) with security slings to ensure the transportation.

Material type


Fluid Pipe capacity (optional configuration)

1)15 units for 4” core diameter

2)13 units for 4” core diameter (5 units ) & 5.25” core diameter (8 units)

3)14 units for 4” core diameter (10 units) & 5.25” core diameter (4 units)


1350x1050x1060 mm ; 4.5×3.5×3.53 ft


125 Kg


Up to 15 m


1350x1050x1060 mm ; 4.5×3.5×3.53 ft


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