Reference: SAMP-210

Top Face Plugging

The Top Face Plugging is made in steel and stainlees steel or galvanized (basin), its heavy weight guarantees a optimum stabilization and absorbs all the vibrations. The basin is resistant to at all types of fluid and equipped with flexible PVC plate to minimize the splash. Also an area is available on the table to put the tools. The Top Face Plugging is equipped with a pump, drill and general power and also with an emergency button to stop the plugging unit at any time.




1020x750x1230 mm; 40.16×29.53×48.43 in


85 Kg

Electric motor

3-speed transmission and 6 variable speeds


2.2 kW


230 V/ 50 Hz or 110 V/ 60 Hz

Drill Speed

Loaded 400/ 750/ 1550 rpm

Table voltage:

230 V/ 50 Hz or 110 V/ 60 Hz

Basin volume:

25 L


High viscosity (HV)

Air connection (Dry drilling):

Up to 6 bar/ 87 psi

Vertical core holder:

Up to 1 m/ 3 ft core section

Max tube diameter:

171 mm/ 6 3/4 in


Certified wooden box

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